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Refuge and Bodhichitta Verse

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The Preliminary Practice of Prostration of the Thirty-Five Confessional Buddhas

Dealing with Difficult People

Transforming Anger Depression and Anxiety

 Interviews with Venerable Amy Miller at Shantideva Meditation Center

Shantideva Meditation Center in New York has recently started to offer short online videos to bring the wisdom of its visiting teachers to people outside of its geographic area.  Unlike recorded teachings, which could be a few hours long and more likely appeal to seasoned students, these concise clips are designed to engage newcomers who are curious about the fundamentals of Buddhism and how it might benefit their lives.

How to Set Up a Meditation Practice

Questions on mindfulness and its daily applications

Why did you become a Buddhist nun?

Hand Mudras by Venerable Amy Miller at Kurukulla Center

Vajrassatva Practice (translated into French), hosted by Centre Kalachakra

Death and Rebirth

Perspectives on Happiness

A presentation on “Perspectives on Happiness” for the Gross National Happiness Conference in Burlington, Vermont, June, 2010. See Ven. Amy’s talk at 2:15 – 19:45 along with some questions and answers from 45:00 – 70:00.


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