2016 April Teachings in Florida

April found me in south Florida where I taught at our lovely center in the Boca Raton area, Tubten Kunga Center. It was so nice to return and see so many students I have gotten to know over the years. At the apartment complex where I was housed, a number of geese were laying eggs and tending new goslings. I got into a habit of feeding them periodically which resulted in them running over to me every time I walked out of the apartment!

FPMT now has a new study group in Miami, Namdrol Ling Study Group and I also gave a couple of evening talks there and an additional afternoon session with a wonderful group of children of the members. I love hanging out with kids and giving them some tools to deal with bullying, self-esteem issues, being positive, and listening to their parents.

I am so grateful to the supportive communities of these groups and wish them well with their new resident teacher, Venerable Tendron.


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