2016 November-The Meaning of Life- Excellence Reporter

Ven. Amy was contacted by the Excellence Reporter to respond to questions they were asking spiritual teachers around the world, “What is the Meaning of Life?”

Dharma Event 100216Finding true meaning in life seems to create a deep resonant inner contentment. So how do we get there? Ask yourself, “When I am deeply happy?” This is not just the glee and enjoyment of a beach holiday or one that comes from tasting delicious chocolate.The meaning of life, although unique for everyone, in its most luminous unveiling, seems to extend beyond the scope of our own self-interest. It involves a fully open hearted experience to face fear, confusion, and other less than generous states of mind with kindness, patience, acceptance, and humor. Then with this greater understanding, we have the potential to offer a fuller manifestation of our fundamental goodness. It then syncs us with 3 spheres of our existence:

  • individual (our relationship with ourselves),
  • community (our relationship with our families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues), and
  • global (our relationship with the planet).

By moving through our pain, we are better equipped to help others in pain; we are no longer denying and escaping, but being with what is as authentically as we can. It is here that we find our connection with unconditional love.

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