2015 December: Nepal Update and Happy Holidays!

Just returned to India from 10 days in Nepal. Although it was wonderful to be back in one of my spiritual homes, the country is really suffering. Not so much from the earthquakes in the spring, but from political human-made issues such as border closings from India. As a result, there is extremely limited fuel, cooking gas, medicine, and many other necessary items to create a functioning society. It’s very sad, but I admire the resiliency of the Nepali people. Many are now cooking their food on wood fires (as was done at both Kopan Monastery who was cooking for some 700 people for one month due to the month-long November course and the nunnery just below), restaurants are closed or with limited hours and menus. Fuel can be obtained on the black market, but is often mixed with other chemicals that can ruin your vehicle. The longer this continues, it will not only have a very severe impact on their future sustenance, but will create yet again a massive deforestation issue.

On a more positive note, attended a wonderful teaching program with Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Kopan along with the grand long life puja (ceremony) for Rinpoche on December 2.

I am now back in Delhi, heading to Bodh Gaya (in the eastern plains of India) on a night train to teach a 9-day course at Root Institute. Look forward to spending some time where the Buddha got enlightened.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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